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As we roll out our latest version of our Connects2U system, we will be revising our website.  Come back soon for more information.  Thanks!

Language = Comfort....Comfort leads to Success

A simple principle, but it can mean the difference between an International Student Program that produces a bare minimum success rate and one that truly excels. 

 Although classes and lectures need to be in the local language, it's in the day-to-day living that the comfort of language makes a significant impact for a student in a different culture. 

 MOCO development company has taken this core principle and uses it as the basis for its flagship product: Connects2U


Connects2U and all of MOCO development company products are designed to be edited and displayed in up to 37 languages.

Whether it is a class schedule, directory of Student Services, or even our managed custom mapping and room-to-room routing, the Connects2U system delivers the information in the students' native tongue.


Not only does having the information needed to make thier daily routine easier important to raising a student's comfort level, but it also needs to be delivered in a way that they feel comfortable using.

Connects2U is deployable to Web, Mobile and Tablet, Kiosk and Smart Screens all using a central management system.


Connects2U also integrates a customizable Success Path system.  This system allows the College to set up milestones to help the student achieve their graduation and post-grad goals.

Not only does this help the student, but the reporting system allows the advisors and faculty to know where their student is on their educational path in order to help them succeed.

See a demonstration here
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